love is like the twitter bird

we are in love with it only for 48 hours (also a pun because of the word blue)

first we long on, then we follow eachother, we get too close, and we both end up alone

beware! (reference to carmen the opera)

of everyone who likes your posts

plastic smiles are often followed by hashtags


friends, buddies, or followers

youre wrong, youre more alone



if you like yourself


if i like myself

we must be wary, be wary of them, be wary of yourselves

its like that which we love

its like that which we consume


verse 2:

love is the child of consumerism

we will always need more and more choices

do you want secondhand feelings?

desire and demand for being unique, for a self


"but i already understand the dangers, i kept the reciept and if i need to i will exchange it!"


"if i need to i will get revenge! that bird of unhappiness i put it in a cage and i make it sing"


one day you buy it, one day you like it

one day you throw it out, one day you pay

one day you’ll see we will love eachother

but first we’ll croak like rats